First full-ish day

The first night was a little hard, not only did I have to find a new and better way to get up to my bed,but also figure out my retarded alarm clock (which we threw out the instructions for and I still can't figure out how to set the minutes on an alarm). Also, something that we all noticed during the tours, but never actually noted were the train tracks. They are in use. Quite reguarly. Especially at night. I swear I heard every train that passed through and there were at least nine. Kristin (an upperclassman, clarinet) said that after awhile you don't even notice them, so I'm hoping for that. It didn't seem like it really mattered if I was close to the tracks or not when it came to a poor night's sleep either, every freshman I talked to said that the night was awful, so I guess it's just homesickness and nerves?

Christy says that I've been a little social butterfly, but I'm putting myself out there because I just want to not stay in my room all night. It's rather quiet here, so you need to get out of your room and out of your shell. A close friend of Chirsty's goes here and they've been hanging out, but I've been running around with new people a lot. Sometimes it's a little weird, but I'm doing what I have to (though I turned down a game of beer pong in favor of writing this to you, I figured I could deal with all of that later). I'm meeting a ton of freshmen and some upperclassmen too. Sam, one of my neighbors, actually said that I saved her when I randomly bopped in to introduce myself, she was getting quite depressed moving into anempty room in a (supposedly) empty hall. So I figured there's not much to lose with an introduction! Let me try to remember the names, Christy-roomie, Sam-neighbor and pit, Chelsea- Sam's friend and pic, Emma-neighbor and field hockey, Angela-trumpet and floormate, Becca-clarinet and floormate, Greg-baritone player that I ate lunch with, Trevor-Angela's friend, trumpet, and another guy I ate lunch with, Steve-Greg's friend that I ate lunch with and trombone player (they march trombones), Dan- from kickball and trombone player, --shoot, his friend also in the frat, trumpet player--, Eva-infamous and annoying, Kristen- my clarinet buddy on the field, gave me the tip on Eva, Jess- a sweetheart in the clarinet section in charge of the clarinet spirit stuff since Nate's lame.... and I'm already running out of steam! There are so many more, everyone in my section, all of the staff. Oh Nikki the sophmore Bio major downstairs and her friend the English major that I met when I went to comment on her cute door hanger on her message board when she came walking out- we almost ran into each other! Gah, this place seems so empty, but at the same time there are so MANY PEOPLE!

My section is pretty cool, and the clarinet section leader (Nate) actually reminds me a lot of Jason, very chill. The music is a little repetitive in some cases, but it's because we're clarinets and we can play ridiculous fingerings quickly a BAZILLION times. I actually like marching band here, we take things at a relaxed pace, though that's probably because of all the rain we've been having. It's been raining, pouring, spitting, windy, and generally cold the entire time that I've been here. Sometimes the umbrella is too much trouble, but it's still getting quite a bit of use. The Cape May sweatshirt has also seen the rain, and actually it's good to have the red in the sea of navy sweatshirts (helps people remember my name!) Also, tell Megs that I saw the Cape May LVC guy again! He saw my sweatshirt, mentioned that he went there too for vacation over the summer... of course, it wasn't until I saw him playing kickball that I realized who he was (he was acting like a coach again, coordinating and whatever, yeah it was pretty obvious). Oh yeah, every night so far there have been pickup games of whatever around 9ish. Last night was basketball and I passed to hang out with others, but tonight Christy and everyone else seemed to be settling down for the night around 8:30, so I killed a little bit of time and then headed over on a whim. Some of my other floormates were there and I had a lot of fun, I still haven't lost my elementary school recess kickball talents!

Tonight Christy was talking to Amanda over IM and she seems interesting? She's bringing a lot of food, which is okay I guess, but not really needed (at all). I suppose some personal favorite snacks are fine, but... she was talking about a case of gatorade and meal (substitutes?) in case she didn't like the dining hall stuff. I'm sorry, but there are always sandwiches (with all the meats you could want) and salads. I figured that anyone could live off that. Heck, it'd be easier that choking down Easy Mac. I don't want to be prejudice or anything, but she's obviously shy (she thought that I was a little nuts) and a bit stand-offish. She's been generally talking to us just to ask what she needs to bring and the attitude, what can I say? It grates? But happiness is a choice, so I'll choose to work with whatever she brings to the room (her and her stuff) and make myself happy regardless. I'll see what Saturday will bring.

I must say that I'm missing home food terribly ALREADY. There's only one of three dining areas open and they've cut down on the menu even there. Everything seems to have something a little wrong with it. Lunch: the ravioli was dry; I had no complaints about the salad; I got a warning about the pulled pork early in the line and all around our table it was leftover. Obviously not a hit. Dinner: corn, overcooked and needed something more; potatoes, oven-baked, so not bad, but not as flavorful as ours; fish, why did I bother? It was cod and some people even said it was good, but I couldn't. Stop laughing, I obviously wasn't thinking! I'm sticking to a lot of salad I assume, but I'm still willing to try something interesting I guess.

Overall, I'm alive. Isn't that exciting?

Harry Potter, what else?

Yeah, lately I've really only been posting in my spurts of random fan-girly-ness, but I needed to get it out there.

Who has finished the book?

Here's my epic story behind the reading of Harry Potter (completely spoiler-free for the moment). On Friday night and Saturday I was in Cape May on a pseudo-vacation with my family. I came up Thursday night and really only got two days of that awesome beach and sun unfortunately<--I have some stories to tell about that too, ask me about it in person, I'd love to tell, but it feels rather stupid to post it on livejournal. Anyways, I digress. I was sitting on a bench on Washington Street, watching all of these kids walk by with Harry Potter in tow. I was just bouncing in my seat, begging my parents to let me run into a book store and purchase it. Of course, they knew that with the book I'd be primarily focused on reading it. Forget vacation, forgot socializing, even forget the bunch of good-looking guys stalking the beach- I would be engrossed deeply in the last leg of Harry's published adventures.

So I didn't get it. My dad suggested mugging one of the kids to get the book if I wanted it so badly... Umm, I'm not quite that bad. Really.

Anyways, I enjoy myself at the beach. We get Mister P's Pizza around 8:30, we get lost in the worst neighborhood in D.C. around 11:30 at night, I'm dropping the f-bomb like its some air strike, and we get home around midnight. Borders, as well as every other store that might stock it, is closed. I decide to get it first thing in the morning. Mom agrees to run errands with me the next day.

Dad ends up lecturing Meghan and I until roughly 3 pm. I'm impatient as hell and fidgeting around with ants in my pants. We hit a few stops and then head to Walmart, they'll definitely have it. I doubted if anywhere coudl sell it cheaper than their $17.78- and I was correct. Mom doesn't allow me to read in the car, insists that I clean my room, socialize with everyone. ALL I WANT TO DO IS READ.

And so I spent the evening-evening (atarting past 7 on Sunday, I was SO late!), the morning before work (hahaha... that was funny, and yes, I was five minutes late getting in today because of it.), all of my breaks (except when I was helping Justin and Cordell list off the 50 states- I can't explain besides the fact that Joann's is sometimes very funny to work at), and this evening.

And I'm finished.

Unfortunately I want to be able to work tomorrow, so I'll leave my thoughts and spoilers for then :D
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The cruise just went by so fast! Seven days and it felt like a second!

A couple nice things:
-the boat layout was almost exactly the same as last time so it was really easy to find my way around. I didn't have to bother with the maps that they post at every stairwell. Which believe it or not can be very annoying if you have to check them 3,000 times a day, thus I was spared that chore.
-The amount of teenagers on the cruise! I've heard that some cruises are like walks through a nursing home there are so many old folk there, but I've had quite a bit of luck in that department! A few old folk, but nothing to kill the fun of a cruise. There were over 350 teenagers on board along with some awesome folk who were too old too be in that number. The guys, for the most part... gorgeous and nice. Or just fun and nice! Throw in a few obnoxious ones, some assholes, and two hilarious drunks. There was our cruise. People were making introductions even on the last evening, so generally everything had a chill and "let's just hang" atmosphere.
-The. Crew. Was. BADASS. Having dinner with Julieta and Wendolyn and Steven was one of the best evenings I had. Debating about the best actresses.
-ESMIE! He was our steward and just awesome. He was older-- but sometimes I swore he was just some kid. Hilarious guy and just awesome!
-My hair is light again! It really doesn't take much sun to bring it out... and though there were many overcast days, my hair's blond again!

I have a lot of weird stories, but I can't just write an entire book here!

Summary: It was fun. But I'm back.

Happy Easter!
And tomorrow's my birthday... 3:00 if anyone wants to drop by :D
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To the last- droston

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I can't believe we got a snow day! When I looked out my window this morning I hopped out of bed, ready to kick Meghan out of the shower. Just by chance I check SchoolsOut... maybe there'd be something, a random delay would be awesome, but who was I kidding! YEAH. SNOW. DAY. At best there was a half inch, supposedly our Superintendent guy is from New York or something on a mission to stop this ridiculous days (the snow day for the snow forecast, anyone?) Yeah, about that... he obviously can't stop Howard County when it has its heart set on something, like snow days.

I went back to bed only to have dream where Mom woke me up and I had to go to school. Mr. Midkiff was lecturing me about reading SchoolsOut correctly... which if anyone knows how little we learn in that class and how embarassing that'd be as I as the Effortlessly Smart Girl there. So I jolted up and checked again and even got a calender to make sure it was Wednesday >>;

And then I went back to sleep.
And woke at nearly one.

So today was pretty useless. I met with Ada and Becky's mom to discuss planning her birthday party. I went shopping with Meghan. I ate cake. I watched Code Geass --; Mom came home late, working nine and some hours and viciously ill. She walked in the door crying, holding her face. Meghan and I spent the rest of the day helping her out. I made her tea and dinner and cleaned the kitchen and generally cleared any clutter I found. Meghan fetched anything else she needed and "shoveled" the dusting off the driveway. Unfortunately she had to make her own drink because I was insisting that she go to bed (she has work tomorrow too) and Dad hadn't come home yet. Dad came home a little after ten. It's worst than yesterday. I'm sure Ada can relate to those damn deadlines, but that's just how this week will be going.

At least Mom can't blame me for he sickness >>; It's been two days now and I slept mine off in a night.

I guess the break was good.
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Sou desu ka

Yep. I've decided to accept Lebanon Valley's offer. All I have to do right now is write my reply and mail that off.

I know where I'm going--> I'm relieved. And I finally can go buy a college sweatshirt!

I don't need to take the English Lit test--> I already have 14 credits with the two AP's I took, and they don't accept more than one English test. I achieved my goal so why drive myself nuts? And that knocks it down to one AP Test this year (Spanish) and no studying over prom!

Overall, it's a good thing to have the decision made and everything settled!
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Twoo Luv :D

It's still Valentine's Day

So, what are we thinking about school tomorrow? Carroll County already has school off, but of course, since we're Howard County we won't know until tomorrow morning at precisely 5:30 am right?

Fun stuff.

Happy Valentine's Day!



So do people want to come over to my house? I feel like cooking for a crowd. Unfortunately my car got taken from me as it's the only one with four-wheel drive. It was supposed to be sleeting for their morning communte :(
Still, I could try the Matrix if the roads get better today and there's always walking :D

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I find it amusing how you can tell what was going on... with the snow
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News on the College Front and the rest of my life

Ithaca so far has only pissed me off. I don't mind snow, but I do mind people pushing undeclared majors. I don't mind waiting for a April 15 deadline, but I don't like it when they are vague about the system. I got my acceptance early (this week), which was nice enough, but now I'm only confused. They included a nice $9,000 from their health school, but the deadline for the leadership scholarship was Jan 31st. There's more scholarship money that I could've easily earned gone. How was I supposed to apply for that thing before I was even accepted into the college? I HAVE NO IDEA.

Usually with colleges I go with gut feelings. I'm sure that it won't get me into some of the fancy schools, but, hell, I need to like it. LVC earned huge points for having oatmeal by their pastor's office. It's stupid, but I like it. I didn't get any kind of gut feelings from Ithaca, NOTHING. And that's weird as hell because I look at college's with a microscope. Ithaca had some things I liked, the arts, the campus, but where was that feeling-- that this was home? Not quite there. Just open and chilly.

I'm going to give Ithaca another chance, one more visit. If they can make me fall in love that's good for them :D

By the way, Wicked rocks my life. You're not getting half of it if you just listen to the music. The costumes, the scenery, the story (and, yes, the music too!) just blew me away. I adored Glinda and Nessarose. I thought it was adorable how Glinda's actress (who's name I don't remember off the top of my head) stared at the standing ovation for a second, obviously surprised and ran over to grab Elphaba's actress. Very cute :3

If you go to see it don't expect it to be anything like the soundtrack. The original cast is great and all but this cast has a different spin, using more character voices than the belting voices of the original cast recording. In the end, that worked just fine for me :D

I don't know if this will give me any type of motivation to start up the old Elphaba portrait again... probably not, but it was still really good.
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Supenuse!- by grrliz_icons

Of course I had to talk about the snow!

Of course, if anyone bothers to look out their window they'll see it. THE SNOW. I'll admit it doesn't have the greatest timing, but I'll enjoy it anyway. At least I stood out in the freezing cold for something!

And the rest of my life? Well, it's working itself out. I went to church this morning, and that was so perfect that it almost creeped me out. PERFECT. I was able to go because for some freak reason Sandy decided to schedule me NOT on Sunday for once. VERY COOL, SANDY <3

Also, I decided to give up on my Elphaba picture because the only thing it's doing if littering the den and pissing me off. I figured I'm better off without it for the moment. Maybe one day I'll work on it again though it'll probably just stay unfinished forever.

As part of a bargain between Dad and me I finally clean up Elphaba and he'll set up everything to turn the guest bedroom into my own sewing room. Does this make Ashley happy, HELL YES! I'm almost finished mine and then I'll start working on my other surprises :D

I love three day weekends SO much.
I love snow so much.
I love LIFE so much.
Since it's finally getting itself back together again!
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